Our Purpose

YAPKİM is a company proud of its past but not living in the past. It is a family and a way of life. YAPKİM carries the responsibility and consciousness of being on of the leading companies in the sector. It has a horizontal management where all employees have a say in management. All employees see YAPKİM like it is their own company and feels a part of YAPKİM family, and sees the future of YAPKİM as their own future. The aim of YAPKİM is to be an international company and worldwide whilst it is a domestic brand. YAPKİM is aware that being the best is through expanding its scale of products while working with the best of its sector as a principle and thus allocates asignificant budget to R&D works. With the condition of working hard to develop, imagining projects leading to future is always encouraged in YAPKİM.

Our Dream of Future

The goal of YAPKİM has always been developing, improving, renewing products tow ards all segments in construction chemicals sector and to be different. One of the most important principles of YAPKİM is to be a top-end company providing its high quality to the customers with an accessible economy, to have advanced technology products and to be a continuous company. YAPKİM has focused to manufacture products which are reliable, correct system detailed and addressing the needs necessary in all segments. YAPKİM becomes a habit for its customer by combining its quality, accessibility and the reliability of its distributor. It creates system solutions by following needs of sector and developments, and builds up its strength for future.