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Floor Applications

Epoxy coatings are used in the construction industry with varieties such as waterproofing and reinforcement materials. They are specially designed products for floor levelling, protection and durability.


It is specially developed for the protection of buildings against water. There are varieties such as membranes, coatings and insulation materials. These products prevent damage and extend the life of structures by making them water resistant.

Thermal Insulation

It is used to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and protect interior spaces. It creates comfortable interiors by reducing temperature changes caused by external factors and contributes to energy saving.

Ceramic Adhesives

Contains cement based, epoxy or polyurethane based adhesives. It provides long-lasting bonding and coating by providing resistance to water and chemicals.

Restoration Products

It consists of specially formulated chemicals. These products are used in the protection, repair and restoration of historical buildings. These products ensure the longevity of the structures while preserving the original appearance.


Gypsum, epoxy or acrylic based materials. It helps to prepare the surface, improves the adhesion of paint or coating materials by stabilising absorption. It is also an important step that corrects and protects uneven surfaces and increases durability.

Concrete Additives

They are materials that improve the durability, workability and properties of concrete. They include plasticisers, water reducers, air-entraining admixtures, reinforcements and admixed concrete products. These admixtures increase the strength of concrete, reduce crack formation and extend its life.

Joint Fillers

They are polyurethane, silicone or epoxy based materials. These products fill the gaps between surfaces such as tiles, stone or concrete and prevent water and dirt ingress. While preventing the formation of cracks with their flexible structure, they provide an aesthetic appearance and increase the durability of the surfaces.


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We always aim to be different by producing, developing and renewing products that appeal to all segments in the construction chemicals sector.

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International Tunnelling Symposium

We are waiting for you at our booth number 2 at the International Tunnelling Symposium, of which we are the gold sponsor, which will be held at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul Hotel on 23-24 November 2023.


2023 Ready Mixed Concrete Fair and Congress

2023 Ready Mixed Concrete Fair and Congress continues at Istanbul Expo Centre. You are invited to our Yapkim Construction Chemicals stand in Hall 10 C11 to meet our products and get information.